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    Devilishly addictive. Life over. Guaranteed.

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      Although Superplexus sounds like something from the halcyon days of video gaming and looks like something off Mr Spock's coffee table, itÂ’s actually a new handheld game thatÂ’s addictive beyond belief.

      But before you dismiss Superplexus as just another puzzley, gamey, hand held doodah, may we strongly suggest you get your hands on one, pronto. Why? Because if its popularity here is anything to go by, this innocuous looking ball of fun is going to be the smash of the season.

      SuperplexusThe concept is simple verging on downright childish: players twist, turn and tilt the transparent spheroid in order to guide a little metal ball through the 3-dimensional, 3-level labyrinth suspended within. Sounds simple, but believe us, youÂ’ll be hopelessly hooked after just one go.

      Whilst each attempt is aided and abetted by a frenetic cacophony of light, sound and music, the LCD readout times your progress and records high scores, even during those fleeting moments when the game is turned off.

      Superplexus If all this sound like a load of oblique spheroids, it is. But then try thinking of a decent game that doesnÂ’t involve at least one ball. Superplexus is great for improving hand-eye co-ordination and will have you pulling daft faces and cursing its devious nature well into the early hours.

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