Superhero Paper Toys

Up all night to get Loki

Product not available at the moment.
  • Turn a sheet of paper into your favourite Superhero
  • Look awesome on the mantlepiece, but won't save you from crime
  • Incredibly simple to construct. Even The Hulk could manage it
  • There's no fun in receiving something that's already built
It's an origami bird. It's a paper plane. It's Superman!

Whether a billionaire playboy by day and grumpy bat by night, a web slinging nerd, haughty engineer with an outstanding battle suit or an alarmingly muscular Kyrpton reject - there's a flurry of traits you'll expect to find in these heroic characters...

Extraordinary powers, strong morals, secret identities and a good, solid backstory are all total superhero 101's. Well, now you can add another to the list. Having paper replicas.

Yes. Feast your eyes on these spectacular specimens - you can now create your own paper heroes.

All you need is a Pritt Stick. Constructing these masked hotshots is ludicrously simple. Just follow the dotted lines, bend the tabs and dab a little glue when directed.

After-all, where's the fun in receiving something that's already built?

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