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Superdrug Beautycard 'Shore' Gelaskin Hardcase for iPhone

      Superdrug Beautycard 'Shore' Gelaskin Hardcase for iPhone

      'Shore' is a purdy looking phone

      Product not available at the moment.
      • Exclusive design for Beautycard customers, you lucky people you
      • Protect your precious iPhone with style
      • We all need more independent art in our lives


      Considering how often you (and others) look at your iPhone, wouldn’t it be nice to turn it into a more enjoyable experience? Wouldn’t you feel much more impressive and cultured raising a nice bit of art to your ear?

      Designed by an independent artist (probably enjoying bohemian lifestyles in some French garret), this Gelaskin Hardcase features a beautiful paint splattered dusky shoreline. Guaranteed to spark jealousy and conversation in everyone within a 20 foot radius!

      Plus the durable polycarbonate construction means your iPhone stays artfully protected.

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