A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1971-1984

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      Now in Paperback!

      Along with the Six Million Dollar Man, stodgy mash served in an ice-cream scoop and trousers so tight you could tell a man's religion, the late 70s and early 80s have a lot to answer for.

      Thankfully, in amongst this shag pile of crazes and phases, one true icon emerged: the videogame. And nothing tells the whole, phantasmagorical story more exhaustively than this truly immense book. In fact, Supercade completely reinvents the concept of the coffee table book in that it's actually worth reading. A lot.

      Forget poncey great books about New York lofts and Japanese water features, Supercade is the one, telephone directory-sized book that'll look fantastic on your Indonesian tea chest and provide hours of wistful reminiscing. From blip-blop basics right through to Asteroids, Zaxxon, Gorf and Q-Bert, this beautiful hardback is rammed with rare photographs, development details, collections, interviews and just about anything else related to the halcyon era of gaming. And it's not just arcade games; every home system that ever sat beneath a teak-finish telly is in there too! And as for trivia; why the mere mention of Billy Mitchell (no, not him), the fella who scored the first ever perfect score on Pac Man (3,333,360) was enough to make one chap in the Firebox office begin feverishly chomping rows of Smarties off his desk whilst mumbling that unmistakable "WAKAWAKAWAKA" noise.

      Once you pick this book up (not an easy task in itself, as Supercade is almost as hefty as a Defender cabinet), we guarantee you'll be hooked. It's as addictive as the games themselves. What's more, Supercade is infinitely cooler than that pile of dog-eared compumags currently littering your lounge. Buy this book and you'll soon become the leading local authority/bore on the rise and fall of Atari and the rules of Crystal Castles. This masterpiece really is THE indispensable item for anyone who spent his or her adolescence fiddling with a joystick. Supercade = New High Score!

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