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    The reason the word ‘BOING!’ was invented.

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      If you're sitting there wondering what a humble bouncing ball is doing on a cutting edge site like Firebox, then you've obviously not witnessed the awesome pent-up power of Wham-O's stupefyingly impressive Superball. Fair enough, in today's gizmo-loaded marketplace a bouncing ball may seem about as exciting as an episode of Heartbeat, but this is no ordinary bouncing ball, no sir-ee! This is a very, very special bouncing ball with an illustrious history as one of the most popular toys of all time!


      The Wham-O Superball is compressed under 50,000lbs of pressure and it bounces higher than any other ball in the universe. Probably. In fact, when the original Superball was launched way back in the 60s, ball-bouncing records were shattered, no, smashed to smithereens throughout the world. A bouncing ball craze ensued, and sales of this spherical lump of genius exceeded 20 million! But despite the Superball's staggering success it was eventually taken off the market as an influx of cheapo rip-offs flooded the market and besmirched the SuperballÂ’s impeccable name.

      But all that's ancient history, because relentless pressure from Superball fanatics has finally persuaded Wham-O to re-issue this classic ball and give it a bit of a post-millennial makeover for good measure.

      Superball: discovery of Zectron

      The all-new Superball is still made from Zectron™, the amazing space-age compound discovered by chemical engineer Norman Stingley. Apparently, Zectron™ is a combination of polybutadiene and sulphur. We'll have to take his word for it though, as the engineers charged with analysing the Superball here at Firebox HQ couldn't stop playing with the darn things – incredibly, a couple even managed to boing their way from our subterranean lab, straight up our open plan stairwell and into the CEO's penthouse on the 22nd floor!


      Indeed, the Superball's phenomenal bouncability (yes, we just made that word up) is what makes playing with it so addictive – hurling it at the floor, watching it disappear into the stratosphere and then attempting to catch it as it hurtles towards terra firma is an experience you'll want to repeat again and again. There's really not much more to say about the Superball, apart from the fact it's one of the most relentlessly entertaining, value for money, pocket-sized playthings you'll ever see. Boiiiiiiingg!!

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