Super PowerZ-200

    Super PowerZ-200

    Electric power glider

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      Easy-to-assemble and relatively sturdy (as lightweight radio control planes go), the Super PowerZ is half-plane, half-glider. The instructions (also easy to follow) even suggest that you can turn off the power in mid-flight and let the plane act as a glider. Although that sounds a bit too much like tempting fate - we certainly wouldn't fancy watching our Super PowerZ disappear into the distance on the back of a thermal. A 1,000ft range is enough for anyone.

      There are plenty of nice touches that make the Super PowerZ-200 stand out from its rivals. You launch it from one hand, while applying full-ish throttle with the other. And if the batteries in the plane are getting low during a flight, they will be automatically turned off so that only the rudder can be controlled, allowing you to land your Super PowerZ safely instead of scraping off a wall after losing power and control.

      Speaking of crashing, we did have a little accident when we tested the Super PowerZ in quite a strong wind – a very stiff breeze, if you will. But that was our fault, as it says enough times in the instruction book that you shouldn't attempt flight in anything other than a breeze. The flag on the end of the (enormous) aerial on the radio control will tell you whether or not it's safe to fly.

      You can only really fly the Super PowerZ in large open spaces, like a park or a field. Only then will you be able to get full value from what is a top-class flying device.

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