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Super Mario Vinyl Figures

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    Mario Collectable Vinyl Figures

    Comes in a cool tin!

    Back in the early 80s, Super Mario was all about a pixellated plumber who jumped over barrels whilst chasing an ape. Fast forward a quarter of a century and he's a cultural icon with countless games, TV shows and even a movie to his name. It's enough to make you wonder why no-one's ever thought to immortalise the moustachioed one and a few of his colourful cohorts in vinyl figure form. Well guess what? They have.

    Super Mario Vinyl Figures are 2" likenesses of some of Super Mario's most famous friends and enemies. Packaged in smart presentation tins, these ultra cool figures are sold in pairs. Choose from Luigi and Paragoomba, and Yoshi and Bullet Bill.

    Guaranteed to raise a giggle amongst Nintendo nuts and figurine aficionados of all ages, Super Mario Vinyl Figures make ideal desktop companions. If you're a real geek you can put them next to the TV as you battle it out on screen in the Mushroom Kingdom. Trust us, seeing characters from the world's most famous tap-twiddling franchise in figurine form is enough to boost your high score and propel you into unknown gaming levels. Sometimes.

    In this offer you get Yoshi, Bullet Bill, Paragoomba and Luigi!

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