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Super Mario Donkey Kong Plush
  • Super Mario Donkey Kong Plush

Super Mario Donkey Kong Plush

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    What do Nintendo’s iconic characters get up to when they’re not busy saving the day (or spoiling it)? Well if these super soft plush toys are anything to go by, they go around giving top class hugs! Don’t believe us? Give one a squeeze and you soon will – they’re the softest things this side of Lakitu’s cloud.

    Everyone’s favourite occasional hero, Donkey Kong, has been popping up in Nintendo games for over thirty years (and we might add, has never undergone a name change, unlike a certain Jumpman). He might be sporting a rather fetching tie these days, but he’s still every bit the wild beast. Although you wouldn’t know it to give the Super Mario Donkey Kong Plush a hug. Just don’t tell Diddy...

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