Super Mario Chess
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  • Super Mario Chess
  • Super Mario Chess
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Super Mario Chess

Sorry, your chess board is in another castle

We Love This Chess Set!
Chess is old as hell so it was about time it's had a makeover. And this one is the coolest set we've seen on our travels - worth it for just the stunningly detailed custom vinyl pieces alone.

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Super Mario Chess
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Chess meets fictional Italian plumber and friends
  • Not sure why we’ve said that when it’s OFFICIALLY LICENSED NINTENDO GEAR!
  • 32 INSANELY detailed custom sculpted vinyl pieces
  • Includes a UV finished board to play on
  • Comes in a violently premium collector’s tin


Basically, it’s chess, but it’s Super Mario themed chess.

No, that doesn’t do it justice. This is a full chess set that has had nerdy Nintendo love poured into every detail, from the intricate custom vinyl pieces to the glossy, durable regulation chess board - hell, even the box it comes in is actually a luxurious collector’s tin!

Join Mario’s troupe of heroes to team up against Bowser’s horrible lot. The battle for the mushroom kingdom has never been so sophisticated.

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