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Super Mario Bros. Yoshi Plush
  • Super Mario Bros. Yoshi Plush

Super Mario Bros. Yoshi Plush

Take this, Barney

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    Great quality plush

    What do Nintendo’s iconic characters get up to when they’re not busy saving the day (or spoiling it)? Well if these super soft plush toys are anything to go by, they go around giving top class hugs! Don’t believe us? Give one a squeeze and you soon will – they’re the softest things this side of Lakitu’s cloud.

    Mario’s best mate Yoshi has only been around in the blink of an eye, compared to his cuddly counterparts. But that hasn’t stopped the Super Mario Bros. Yoshi Plush from rocketing to the top of everyone’s favourites list! Made from high quality materials, he’s the softest, most huggable dino you’ll ever come across (except maybe Barney) and a must for any Mario fan.

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