Super Mario Bros Sound FX Keychain
  • Super Mario Bros Sound FX Keychain

Super Mario Bros Sound FX Keychain

The sound of the 80s

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    Super Mario Bros Sound FX Keychain
    The 80s produced some truly incredible sounds, and we're not talking about the Reflex-fle-fle-fle-fle-flex or Lee Majors' dire vocals on The Fall Guy theme. No, we're referring to the revolutionary bleeps, whistles and thwingzzz produced by Super Mario Bros.

    Super Mario Bros Sound FX Keychain

    Small size

    This landmark NES game single-handedly revived the ailing home gaming industry and sold over 40 million copies, so it's hardly surprising that its suitably upbeat sound effects are still capable of raising a smirk amongst slightly more *ahem* mature Nintendo nuts. Step forward the Super Mario Bros Sound FX Keychain.

    Super Mario Bros Sound FX Keychain

    Easy to change batteries

    This nifty little handheld gizmo is preloaded with six classic sounds from the greatest side-scroller in history. Simply press a button and you'll be transported back to the Mushroom Kingdom faster than you can say 'Mamma mia, dezza King Koopa widda da Princess Toadstool.' There are six incredibly evocative sounds, including, Big, Coin, 1Up, Jump, Start and Ouch.

    Click on the buttons to play sounds!

    You'll want to start making a proper Mario out of yourself the second you hear each memory-jogging jingle. Indeed, listening to that legendary 1Up sound is so exciting you might be tempted to grow a moustache and walk around brandishing a comedy mallet.

    Super Mario Bros Sound FX Keychain

    Now you can be a millionaire
    in Mario Land!

    We shouldn't need to explain the comedic potential of this take-anywhere device, but seeing as you're sufficiently infantile to waste time reading about bleeping keychains, we will anyway. It's hilarious fun down the local because it seems to contain a bleep for every scenario. The 'ouch!' sound is up there with the Family Fortunes 'uh-uhhh' when friends get blanked, and the '1Up' jingle is an ideal salutation for anyone - well, within reason. In fact we've taken to communicating solely via Mario Keychains. So hit the Buy button or we'll biddly-ding-widdly-woo ya!

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