Super Mario Backpack
  • Super Mario Backpack

Super Mario Backpack

Carry this hero on your shoulders

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    Side view of Super Mario Backpack

    "It'sa me, Mario"

    Sometimes Mario must want to stomp on his cap in frustration. Every time he saves one Princess another one goes and gets herself kidnapped. Which is usually the cue for another daring adventure, and an inevitable face-off with Bowser. Just who is running security in the Mushroom Kingdom? Why doesn’t Bowser just kidnap Mario in the first place? And why has Mario still got lovehandles, even after hours of jogging?

    While we look into these important questions, why not give Mario a break from carrying the weight of the Kingdom on his shoulders – and carry him instead? This huggably soft Super Mario Backpack is a must for any Nintendo fan. Keep your valuables inside his plush body and they’ll be safe from any knocks and bumps.

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