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Super 12

Memories are made of this...

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    Sometimes, trying to remember the simplest things in life can be a bit of a struggle. What were we saying? Oh yes, we were talking about the human memory. The thing is, we frequently forget the things we really should remember (birthdays, cashpoint numbers, the whereabouts of keys) and remember the things we really should forget (the name of the bloke who voiced Zippy, the opening line of The Hair Bear Bunch song, the final line of Spinal Tap*).

    According to experts, memory is the retention of, and ability to recall, information, personal experiences and procedures. That's as maybe, but it still doesnÂ’t explain why Super 12 is one of the most addictive games ever. This sleek and sophisticated box of electronic fun is a 21st century update on a classic game from yesteryear, and it's even more fun than we remember.

    Basically, Super 12 tests the memory by forcing players to follow an increasingly complex sequence of light and sound. A bit like Simon Says, but without the infantile hand waving, face pulling and head patting. Once the sequence has finished, simply press the corresponding buttons in the correct order, call and answer style. It starts off easy enough, but trust us, it soon gets pretty darn tricky to remember the sequence!

    The real twist is that Super 12 features twelve variations on this basic premise. Some games involve lights alone, some sounds alone and some both. There are also head-to-head games, team games and a tension-inducing 'timed mode' where players have to react before the clock runs out. ThereÂ’s even an amusing 'loser' sound that goes off when you get a sequence wrong.

    Up to six people can play Super 12 so it's an ideal party game – try playing after a few drinks to see just how memory-mashing a few shandies can be! It's also monumentally simple to play, as the concept of copying is easy peasy. Crack out Super 12 at your next soiree and we guarantee you'll have a night to remember. So don't forget, it's called Super 12. Get it? Got it? Good!

    *In case you've forgotten: Roy Skelton, "In the Wonderland Zoo, there are certain bears whoÂ…" and "What are the hours?"

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