Sunshine Buddies
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Sunshine Buddies

Smile and the world smiles with you

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    The head swaying

    Very calming

    Staring at the same faces day in day out can be a tad depressing. Ugly friends, miserable colleagues, sour-faced associates, spotty schoolmates - life is too short to waste your time gawping at unsightly phizogs. And that's precisely why you need to brighten up your day with a Sunshine Buddy.

    These delightful little desktop companions are just what the doctor ordered…well actually they're just what we ordered, because we're convinced you'll perk up the second you see one gently nodding in your direction.

    The solar panel

    Solar powered!

    But what's the point, we hear you ask? Well, for some reason or another Sunshine Buddies seem to exude an incredibly calming aura. Maybe it's the swaying head, maybe it's the smiley face, or maybe it's the eco-friendly edge. Oh yes, we almost forgot - Sunshine Buddies are solar-powered, no batteries required. Simply place one near any light source (window, bulb, etc.) and your impossibly cute chum will begin to nod its head in an extraordinarily hypnotic manner.

    holding the Sunshine Buddies

    Small and cute, ahhh...

    Sunshine Buddies make great gifts for all you stressed-out execs; we guarantee you'll be unable to suppress a smile each and every time you clap eyes upon that grinning face. In fact glancing at a Sunshine Buddy can be genuinely uplifting, even if its nearest neighbour is a stapler or a hole-punch (must be something to do with all that 'smile and the world smiles with you' business).

    These all-nodding, all-smiling creatures are already spreading happiness across Japan, and we confidently predict they'll soon become the desktop/bedside companions of choice throughout the world. So what are you waiting for? Order a Sunshine Buddy and prepare to be utterly smitten.

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