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Sun Globe
  • Sun Globe

Sun Globe

Portable Sunshine

Product not available at the moment.
  • Gives off the same level of heat as the sun
  • Thermal-Reaction Technology (TRT) used inside the chemical core of the globe
  • Shake to activate


Everyone knows that snow globes are soooooo 2012. Let's face it, who realistically wants to look at a spherical reminder of how freezing cold it is when you're struggling for warmth in 5 layers of clothes? Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to 2013, welcome to the Sun Globe.

Created to bring warmth and brightness to the harshest of Winter days, the Sun Globe uses thermal-reaction technology (TRT) to keep you toasty and top up your tan no matter where you are.

Simply shake the Sun Globe and for 15 minutes, the actual heat and light of the sun will radiate gloriously in your direction.

As you'd experience from the Sun itself, you'll need to ensure that the included sunglasses are adorned to protect your peepers and your highest SPF sun cream slapped on excessively to avoid lobster-esque burns.

You have been warmed.

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