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Robot wars minus the nerds

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    There are many forms of wrestling: classic Greek style, fat-man-in-leotard style, Muscle Mary WWF style and, more recently, celebrity wrestling, a bizarre spectacle in which Z-list never-beens writhe around in skimpy costumes that look suspiciously like the ones worn by the gladiators (Wolf and Lightning, not Maximus and Proximo).

    But surely there's nothing more bizarre than Sumo wrestling, a noble contest in which two heffalumps dressed in nappies attempt to push each other out of the ring. Well yes, actually there is, and it's called SumoBots.

    This state-of-the-art Sumo hybrid is one of the most innovative and enthralling games we've ever seen - and we've seen a lot! Using hi-tech infra-red remote controllers players must manoeuvre their brainy little R2D2-esque SumoBots around in order to bash opponents out of the playing area. You can go head to head against a friend or battle it out with a computer-controlled SumoBot. Sounds pretty straightforward but SumoBots are highly sophisticated little fellows that 'learn' from each battle.

    Despite looking like a cross between Metal Mickey and Dusty Bin (ask your dad), each SumoBot is fully programmable and it's your job to make sure your battling bot has a few killer moves up its, er, sleeve(?). Several preset moves can be performed by pressing the buttons on the sleek controllers, but to be a real king of the ring you'll need to upload some special moves and stunts.

    And that's the clever bit: you can create unique SumoBot actions on your PC via software available on the Silverlit website. You then print off your moves in barcode format and load them onto your SumoBot using the special barcode reader. Clever, eh!

    As well as built-in Artificial Intelligence each SumoBot features LEDs and sound effects to indicate the state of play and infra-red sensors to communicate with opponents.

    Once you get the hang of SumoBots you'll be trying out new strategies at every opportunity as this thrilling game's one-more-go-factor is virtually off the scale. Indeed, if you've ever secretly fancied getting into the whole robot wars thing without having to appear on national TV in front of a bunch of braying nerds wearing Sir Killalot sweatshirts and big foam hands, SumoBots is the sophisticated answer. Arigato and let battle commence!

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