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Sumo Smash

Fat-bottomed men, you make the gaming world go round!

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    If you've always fancied having a go at sumo wrestling but can't be bothered moving to Japan, piling on the pounds and parading your botty-cheeks to an arena full of fans with only a nappy to protect your modesty, we've got just the thing.

    Sumo Smash

    This is a wind up

    Tomy Classics Sumo Smash is a re-issue of the classic wind-up game, and it's just as amusing and addictive as the original. Simply wind up your clockwork wrestler and cheer him on as he trundles around the ring and bashes into his rival. The first wrestler to force his opponent out of the ring or knock him down wins.

    Sumo SmashSumo SmashSumo Smash

    Sumo Smash
    Yes, we know that sounds a little basic - in fact as far as technical sophistication goes, Sumo Smash is about as lo-tech and un-Japanese as they come - but believe us, this brilliantly daft game is off the scale in terms of entertainment factor, and it possesses a timeless charm that puts many of today's super flash games to shame.

    Sumo Smash
    True, there's not an enormous amount of skill involved - simply wind up your comedy wrestler and watch him go - but Sumo Smash is rammed with one-more-go-factor and it is guaranteed to keep all ages giggling for hours on end.

    Sumo Smash

    Handy box

    The whole shebang folds up to become its own durable carrying case, so you can take Sumo Smash wherever you may roam. And best of all this is a game that anyone can play in an instant. No grunting, squatting or ceremonial leg stomping required. Arigato and sayonara! (We just whacked a big oriental gong but you probably didn't hear it).

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