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Sumo Smackdown
  • Sumo Smackdown
  • Sumo Smackdown
  • Sumo Smackdown

Sumo Smackdown

Let's Wrestle

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  • Step into the shoes of an ancient Japanese warrior
  • Battle mercilessly to force your component to the ground
  • These remote control wrestlers will entertain you forever more
  • Very accurately recreates two fat people smashing into each other
  • We are aware that sumo wrestlers don't actually wear shoes
  • How is this a professional sport?


Ah, the ancient sport of Sumo Wresting. Perhaps the most fascinating martial art of them all. A dazzling array of fat folds, surplus flesh, flab, loin cloths, squatting and lets not forget those fantastic full breasts.

Exhilarating, brutal and downright hilarious, it's time to try your hand at this 2,000 year old sport. Fret not, you're not required to chug 20,000 calories a day and gain an unnerving amount of girth - this sumo smack down is controlled by remote control.

Perhaps the most enjoyable game in the history of the universe, we managed to play Sumo Smackdown for approximately 8 hours straight. Yes, that's an entire working day.

One joystick sends your sumo forward and back and the other spins him left or right. Deliriously simple to grasp, let the games commence.

A top tip for exploiting your component's strengths and weaknesses: We've discovered one warrior has a giant arse and the other a giant stomach. Make of that what you will.

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  • "So addictive, hilarious matches, great fun for everyone!"
    H Singh - 5th of January, 2016