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Summit HD Video Camera Goggles
  • Summit HD Video Camera Goggles

Summit HD Video Camera Goggles

Snow joke, there’s a camera inside!

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    Summit HD Video Camera Goggles

    White version

    Anyone who’s ever hit the slopes has at some point attempted to one-handedly film themselves careering down the mountain. But not many continue with this foolhardy practice as it invariably results in a gobful of snow and the arrival of an air ambulance. So thank goodness the boffins at Summit have created a pair of snow goggles with an integrated HD video camera.

    Summit HD Video Camera Goggles are perfect for all you snow freaks who fancy capturing a POV slice of the action in stunning 720p high def. Simply pop them on your frosty phizog, power up, check which mode you’re in via LED indicators inside the anti-fogging goggles and press record. It’s as easy as that. You can even snap 5MP stills. Look ma, no hands!

    step one: battery step two: micro SD card step 3 screen inside goggles

    Battery compartment on the left

    Micro SD card slot and USB port

    Function screen inside the goggles

    Summit HD Video Camera Goggles

    Wide angle lens and microphone

    Whether you’re grabbing air, screaming down black runs, chilling on the chairlift or coming down the mountain with all the grace of a giraffe on ice, the wide angle lens and wind-proof mic will snatch the action exactly as you see and hear it. You can even capture the view when you’re enjoying a bit of après ski in the hot tub. ‘Cripes, brutal moguls!’

    Images are sent to an onboard Micro SD card (up to 32GB) so you can store thousands of photos or hours of luscious HD video. And thanks to USB compatibility you can laugh at wipeouts moments after they happen; just pop a laptop in your rucksack.

    contents: what's in the box

    1) HD Video Camera Goggles 2) Rechargeable Lithium battery 3) 4GB Micro SD card and adapter
    4) USB cable 5) Spare lens 6) RCA cable

    Summit HD Video Camera Goggles

    Bulky, easy to use buttons

    The Summit’s internal rechargeable battery gives around two hours of power between juice ups, so unless you’re planning on filming an ascent of Everest you’ll have more than enough time to fill your goggles with the day’s snow-based shenanigans. They really are a must have accessory for any serious wintersports fan. And seeing as you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of the page, we’ll assume that means you. Yodel-odel-ey-hee-hoo!

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