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    Playing Subbuteo

    Create those classic goals!

    Forget about today’s ludicrously realistic football sims in which John Terry’s heading technique and Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant have been realistically rendered for your nerdish viewing pleasure. Real footie fans don’t waste time fiddling with joypads in front of the telly. They let their fingers do the flicking with Subbuteo.

    Flexing a player

    New 'flexible' Players

    Close up of artwork

    Improved detail...

    Numbers on the back

    ...and numbers on the back!

    Close up of the pitch

    New pitch improves speed and accuracy

    First available in 1946, Subbuteo is the iconic flick and kick classic in which players ping a ball around using mini footballers on wobbly bases. And now, after several years on the bench, it’s back and just as insanely entertaining as ever.

    With greatly improved detail, sturdier players (‘Pass the glue mum, Peter Osgood’s head’s snapped off again!’) and an improved pitch for greater speed and accuracy, this is the greatest footballing comeback since England fought back from 4-1 down against Germany in the 2010 World Cup. Hang on a minute, they didn’t did they? But thanks to Subbuteo, fantasy comebacks are de rigueur.

    Subbuteo The Game

    Rooney and Evra...
    Buy Manchester United and other player sets here

    Once you’ve got to grips (or should that be flicks?) with the standard players that come with this set you can show your true colours by adding teams from separate Player Sets. Choose from several top-flight clubs including fully licensed versions of Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool. You can even try your luck with England, Ireland and Scotland. Exotic or what!


    Game rules, cloth pitch, 2x goals,
    2x teams (red and blue)

    With rules that simulate nearly every detail of the beautiful game (even fouling) Subbuteo is destined to capture the imagination of a whole new generation of dexterous flickers. And for all you aficionados of classic table-top games it will serve as a timely reminder that football wasn’t always about super injunctions, eye-watering salaries and prima donna cry babies. No, it was about flicking a ball around using a team of wibbly-wobbly plastic players. Goaaaaaal!

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