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Subbuteo Cufflinks
  • Subbuteo Cufflinks

Subbuteo Cufflinks

Football crazy?

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    Subbuteo Cufflinks

    Well presented branded box

    We only realised we were lacking in the cool cufflinks department when we got suited and booted to pick up our gong for Best Retailer at the T3 Awards (collective sound of heads expanding). So we set ourselves a goal to find some seriously hip wristwear with a suitably Firebox-ish twist - and flickin' Nora, we've scored!

    Subbuteo Cufflinks

    Subbuteo footballer cufflink

    Subbuteo Cufflinks are the ultimate sartorial tribute to the legendary flick and kick classic, and they're set to become must-have accessories for anyone who ever pinged that oversized football or accidentally stomped on the frankly awful goalie. Subbuteo Cufflinks are exact replicas of the figures that graced the game during its halcyon 70s period and they're ideal for footie fans and retro game aficionados alike.

    Exact replica of an original Subbuteo figure

    Exact replica!

    Officially licensed, these eye-catching cufflinks come in a smart presentation box embossed with the Subbuteo logo - perfect for the man who demands a touch of quirky quality when doing up his shirt.

    How to dress yourself:

    Subbuteo Cufflinks

    Push in head first...

    keeping the player upright...

    Hinge the player to keep cuffs together

    Subbuteo Cufflinks

    Watch that hamstring!

    With cufflinks this unusual it's worth swotting up on your Subbuteo trivia because people are bound to ask what you're doing with a pair of footballers dangling from your wrists, even if they're familiar with the beautiful game. We've just discovered that the name Subbuteo comes from 'Falco Subbuteo' the Latin name for 'Hobby' bird. That's because the inventor of this new 'hobby' was a bird watcher. (There's a joke in there involving football and birds but we don't know what it is - answers on a postcard).

    Subbuteo Cufflinks

    Ready to hit the town!

    Subbuteo Cufflinks really are the height of retro-ironic style, and they make other football-related shirt-fasteners look clumsier than a Lampard/Gerrard midfield. What's more, the iconic figures they depict completely transcend the world of novelty jewellery because Subbuteo was, is, and always will be one of the coolest games ever created. Fashion with a twist? Back of the net!

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