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Su Doku The Board Game

The magic numbers

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    Here at Firebox we've always preferred words to numbers, but even we've been unable to resist the phenomenon that is Su Doku. We've tried, but short of walking around wearing treacle-filled sacks on our heads, this omnipotent puzzle is impossible to ignore. After all, if a mere puzzle can boost newspaper sales more than a Premiership kiss-and-tell it must be good.

    Su Doku The Board Game So if you can't beat 'em, you might as well join 'em. Well, almost. Because although Su Doku The Board Game is based on the world's premier numbers puzzle, it can be played by 2-4 players and you won't have to buy a single newspaper or Carol Vorderman-endorsed book (unless you want to). So now, being a Su Doku fan won't single you out as an anorak with a penchant for playing games by yourself. Which is just as well, because Su Doku didn't get where it is today by being dull. Indeed, once you get to grips with this fiendishly compelling game of logical reasoning it will take over your every waking hour.

    Su Doku The Board Game In case you're wondering, the object of Su Doku is to solve mind-mangling number puzzles and enter your solutions on a crossword-style grid. The difference with Su Doku The Board Game is that players have only 30 seconds to solve each puzzle, and they're competing against each other as well as a timer. If the timer runs out before you've entered your answer you lose your turn. The winner is the player with the highest total after all the numbers they've entered have been added together. Addictive? Forget the X factor; this game's loaded with the Aargh! factor.

    Playing the game:

    Su Doku The Board Game

    Su Doku The Board Game comes with 200 puzzles that you simply copy onto the wipe-off board, but it's also compatible with all those Su Doku puzzles you see in the papers - simply copy them and you're away. Good, eh? We genuinely thought all this Su Doku business was for squares, not gadget-loving technophiles, but once you start playing Su Doku The Board Game you and your friends will understand what all the fuss is about. Utter genius and not a Vorderman in sight. Result!

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