Stunt Double

    Stunt Double

    Twice the stunt fun!

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      The boys and girls here at are in the giving mood. Our good friends at American Express asked us for an offer for their cardholders, so thinking caps went on. What could we do to make jaws drop, lightbulbs pop, and stars to be seen? One clever chap, who has now been knighted by the CEO, said "Double the Stunts!". So stunts you shall have.

      The Stunt Double is two fantastic RC Stunt Cars - the Turbo Giant Wheel and the Powerful Rebounder. These great cars are value at their normal price of £29.95 each, but for American Express cardholders only, you get both for £39.90 - a saving of £20!

      Turbo Giant Wheel

      With its mean styling, sleek black and chrome finish and enormous wheels, the Turbo Giant Wheel looks as if it has just escaped from a particularly surreal Japanese cartoon.

      But looks can be deceptive, because once this nifty beast hits the floor it becomes a twisting, whirling dervish, capable of performing more pirouettes per second than a wired Wayne Sleep.

      The second star of our Stunt Double is is one hell of a madcap motor - The Powerful Rebounder. With its humungous chunky wheels and sleek, space-aged body, it is capable of executing a quite stupefying array of stunts.


      This is primarily thanks to the fact that both front and rear left hand wheels are attached to a fully revolving arm, activated by a button on the hand held remote unit. Unhinged? Just a bit, because the aforementioned arm allows the car to perform leaps, back flips, front flips, 180s, rolls, tumbles, wheelies, 360s and just about any other outrageous feat you'd care to think of.

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