Stuffits Shoe Savers
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Stuffits Shoe Savers

Long live your trainers

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    Stuff 'em in your smelly shoes!

    Extend the life of your shoes and keep your feet from developing unsightly webbing with Stuffits Shoe Savers. This brilliantly simple innovation slips inside wet or damp shoes and wicks up to 98% of the moisture away – drying them in a fraction of the time and preventing the build-up of stains, odours and harmful bacteria. All of which would eventually destroy a shoe (or any hope of a relationship).

    Containing natural eastern red cedar, these aromatic shoe liners absorb moisture on contact and can be used again and again. Slip them into your gym trainers, work shoes or walking boots. The handy strap even gives you a convenient way to carry your soggy lace-ups while they’re drying out.

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