Stuffed Water Bear
  • Stuffed Water Bear
  • Stuffed Water Bear
  • Stuffed Water Bear

Stuffed Water Bear

Water you waiting for?

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Stuffed Water Bear
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Brand spanking NEW
  • A huggable, snuggable waterbear
  • Large, blue, super duper soft version of a tardigrade
  • Microbiology’s toughest, cutest specimen
  • Not entirely sure why it’s blue
  • Not complaining though, it’s a nice shade


It’s not easy sadly slinking into bed alone every evening. If only you had an adorable stuffed tardigrade to spoon?

Tardigrades are colloquially known as water bears (or sometimes even moss piglets!), in case you’re not a microbiologist. They made a name for themselves by being perhaps the toughest animal on the planet. These hardy invertebrates can withstand temperatures of minus 272 Celsius. They can endure radiation and the vacuum of space. They’re 100% badass, basically.

This toy? Not quite as hardcore. Sure, we wouldn’t recommend chucking it out of a space shuttle or blasting it directly into the sun, but it’s definitely more cuddly than a real one.

In fact, we’re so committed to delivering maximum snuggability that this waterbear isn’t even to scale. We thought you’d probably prefer if it’s not invisible to the naked eye. We know, we’re so good to you.

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