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Strongman Romper Suit
  • Strongman Romper Suit
  • Strongman Romper Suit

Strongman Romper Suit

Pump those dummybells

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  • Endow your child with the physique of a Victorian Strongman
  • Features a classic striped vest & weight-belt to hold in their tiny gut
  • Made from a comfortable blend of polyester & spandex
  • Photo realistic and high-quality printing
  • Marvel as they perform incredible feats of superhuman strength


The time has come to endow your child with the chiselled washboard abs and distinguished masculinity of a Victorian Strongman.

These supremely realistic-looking garments are made from a comfy polyester blend and come complete with a classic striped vest and weight belt to hold in their miniature gut as they delight you with incredible feats of superhuman strength.

It'll be some years before they can grow an oversized and bristly moustache that does this outfit justice; but in no time at all they'll be bending the bars of their cot, curling milk bottles like dumbbells and swinging their potty around as if it were a 20kg kettle bell.

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