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Strolling Bowling

This game's got legs!

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    We love ten-pin bowling but we can't always be bothered to visit the local alley. Apart from the expense, the place is usually packed with teenage chavs on the pull, suspended school kids who think naming competitors 'Hugh Jundys' on the electronic scoreboard is hilarious, and po-faced show-offs whose idiotic bowling shoes make them look like extras off Quadrophenia.

    Strolling Bowling Thankfully you won't need to go anywhere near the shoe-hire stand or even the bowling alley if you buy Tomy Classics Strolling Bowling. That's because this supremely portable retro masterpiece allows you to play as many frames as you like, whenever and wherever you fancy.

    Strolling Bowling

    Strolling Bowling For those of you who don't remember the original version, allow us to explain. Players must wind-up a little clockwork bowling ball, aim and then watch as it takes a stroll towards the fold-down pins. Yes, we did say stroll. And that's because the ball used in this spectacularly silly game has a pair of comedy feet - just like the ones you get on countless wind-up novelty gizmos.

    Strolling Bowling True, there's not an enormous amount of skill involved - players merely position the wound-up ball on the faux wooden lane and hope it waddles roughly where they point it. But due to the random nature of the balls "stroll" you never really know where it's going, making Strolling Bowling truly addictive and guaranteed to keep you coming back for more!

    Strolling Bowling The whole shebang folds up to become its own durable carrying case, so you can take Strolling Bowling wherever you may roam. Best of all this is a game that anyone can play in an instant. No silly shoes or funny finger positions required! Strrr-ike!

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