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Pump up the volume - with a twist

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    Although headphones are handy there's something special about listening to your music through a pair of decent speakers, especially when the music in question is being pumped out via an MP3 player or PC. Because unlike that micro system in the kitchen or the flashy stack of separates in your sitting room, digital players are rarely blessed with decent external speakers.

    Yes, you can glue your earphones to the side of a tea chest or crank your PC's speakers up to eleven, but a cacophony of snap, crackle and pop isn't going to impress anyone. That's why we know you're going to love Music Studio's Stripy Speakers.

    Stripy Speakers Stripy Speakers These über-chic mini speakers are perfect for desktop use and music on the move, and they also make rather attractive robot ears when stuck on the side of your head. But that's beside the point. What isn't beside the point is the fact that, considering their size, Stripy Speakers sound truly impressive. Packing a 9 watt punch (4.5 watts RMS per channel) and made from polished aluminium, these gleaming little cylinders produce big audio dynamite that's sure to impress, even when blasting out Joe 'Shaddap Your Face' Dolce at top whack. (Well okay, maybe they can't save that).

    Stripy Speakers As far as looks go, the Stripys are unlike any speakers you've ever seen (unless you're a music-loving Cyberman) and the clever tubular design means they're capable of swivelling 180°, so you can direct your music anywhere in the room. Clever, eh? Speaking of clever, the Stripy Speakers feature an intuitive one-touch central station that glows a different colour according to the function being adjusted. It's pinky white when switched on, but tap it once and it turns blue for bass control, twice and it goes green for treble, and three times to return it to the default volume control. It's a bit like an iPod scroll wheel with some chilled-out lights thrown in.

    Stripy Speakers Needless to say, the innovative styling of Stripy Speakers really separates them from the competition and they look super sleek in any scenario. But you don't get anywhere on looks alone in the music world these days (just ask Michelle McManus). No, crisp sonics and smart functionality are what elevate the Stripys into the upper echelons of the 'lots of sound for your pound' category. In fact, we can think of no better way to share your digital library with the world than with a set of Stripy Speakers.

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