Striker Professional Table Football
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Striker Professional Table Football

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    Clear the spare room, sell the sofa, convert the loft or lose the lodger. However you do it, make some space for the jaw-droppingly impressive Striker Professional Table Football Game. This full size, professional-standard (course there are professional table footballers) table will guarantee your legendary standing amongst friends, housemates and post-pub stragglers because it's even better than the ones you've played in public.

    Striker Professional Table Football Game

    Aluminium version

    Why? Well for starters it isn't lopsided and covered in fag burns and scratches. Better still you won't have to jostle with inebriated oiks or feed it a constant diet of coins - unless you want to because the Striker has an optional coin mechanism. Mmm... money ...from friends!

    Manufactured in Italy, the top-of-the-range Striker features an impact resistant toughened glass top, ball-guard (ouch!), easily detachable legs and anti-rust chrome-effect steel telescopic poles with indestructible polyurethane plastic handles and players - and that's just as well because things can get pretty rowdy when a tournament is in full swing.

    Striker Professional Table Football Game

    Your pros!

    Forget PlayStation after the pub or tiddlywinks weekenders - far better for a bunch of pals to be crowded around a football table, firmly ensconced in a booze-fuelled tournament. It's a game open to all-comers, from frantic spinners to finicky twiddlers and its one-more-go-factor is totally off the scale. Work? What's that?

    Forget about boring vases and fusty furniture, this is the greatest investment you'll ever make. We guarantee visitors will be utterly gobsmacked the second they see the Striker sitting in your gaff. Of course top quality footie furniture like this doesn't come cheap, but high-end TVs and state-of-the-art videogames aren't exactly easy on the pocket - and they won't skyrocket your cool-factor or secure hero status like the Striker. So what are you waiting for? A lifetime of entertainment and popularity* awaits. Goaaal!!

    *This popularity thing is not guaranteed - socially inept spanners might need two tables to ensure success.

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