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Striker LED Mine Torch
  • Striker LED Mine Torch

Striker LED Mine Torch

Stick it (any)where the sun don’t shine

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    The Striker LED Mine Torch attached to as server by its magnets lighting up the area

    Magnetic - stick it to your machine while you work!

    Directing a beam of light in just the right place is pretty easy when you’ve got a spare hand. Unfortunately most DIY jobs require both hands, so unless you’re an octopus fiddling about in dimly lit recesses can be a nightmare. That’s why you need a Striker LED Mine Torch.

    Smaller than a golf ball, this surprisingly powerful torch is titchy enough to fit into almost any tight area, pockets included. So far, so what? Well here’s the clever bit: the Striker Mine’s tough ABS body is dotted with 12 rare earth (neodymium) magnets, allowing you to stick it on metal surfaces and aim its intensely bright, wide-angle LED beam at almost any angle. It’s brilliant. Literally.

    Perfect for mechanics, plumbers, electricians and nocturnal DIY enthusiasts, this keyring-friendly gizmo is all set to become your new best friend as it will shed light on fiddly work areas without taking up precious space. Use it when tinkering under the bonnet, wiring up your TV, fixing stuff under the sink, messing about in your tent – the possibilities are endless. It will even pick up stray bolts, nails and screws.

    Showing all the features of the Striker LED Mine Torch

    Watch Strikers' hot product tester present all the features of this amazing torch!

    Holding the Striker LED Mine Torch

    Small but powerful

    If you don’t fancy popping the Striker on your keyring, why not bung it on the fridge or filing cabinet, making it your to-go torch for any scenario. It might be small but it makes regular torches seem seriously dull.

    You might think we’re making a bit of a song and dance about what is essentially a small magnetic torch, but this ingenious gadget is so handy you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Best of all (if you are as childish as we are), the Striker looks incredibly cool in a thermal detonator kind of way, so you’ll be unable to stop fiddling with it. Sheer brilliance!

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