Stretch Screamers
  • Stretch Screamers

Stretch Screamers

Things that go AAGH! in the night

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    Take out some stress and freak out your friends with Stretch Screamers. These incredible rubbery characters will actually howl and moan as you stretch them. But just like any horror movie no matter how much you pound them, they always come back for more!

    detail of mummy stretching ghoul squeezing freankenstein head

    I want my mummy! Each character as feature that can pop out

    Stretch the ghoul's arms to hear him scream

    Squeeze Frankenstein's head to see his brain!

    These classic B-movie characters (Frankenstein’s monster, Mummy and Ghoul) make a great gift for Halloween, or phenomenal stressbuster when you’ve had a tough day. But be careful when you squeeze their heads! Grip them too tight and their brain, eyes, or face could pop out. Aaaaagh!

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