Stress Viruses
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Stress Viruses

Highly contagious

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Ease your stress levels with these malleable infections
  • Catch (throw, squeeze and twist) deadly viruses!
  • Choose from E Coli, Influenza or the mighty MRSA
  • Way more fun than the real thing (both stress and viruses)


No one enjoys stress. The red face, the gritted teeth, the palpitations, the sweaty palms, the lack of sleep. Sometimes it's easy to forget that it also undermines your precious immune system, leaving you exposed to a myriad of wretched viruses and diseases. The cure? You (ironically) need to get your hands on these Stress Viruses.

The benefits of these bulging bacteria are twofold – first they act as a constant reminder of why shouldn't let stress get the better of you, and then they provide you with a very satisfying means of relieving the tension and strain.

Take your pick from E Coli (yellow), Influenza (blue) or the mighty MRSA (green). They look like giant versions of their molecular counterparts and they're made from a tough and flexible rubber so you can pummel the absolute bejesus out of them.

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  • "I got this stress E. Coli for my other half, and he absolutely loves it! It actually has much better texture than I was expecting."
    Emilee - 12th of May, 2016