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Stress Pills
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Stress Pills

Squeeze me, please me, ease me

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    Stress Pills: Arouzer

    Argggh... I'm ready for anything now!

    Traffic jams. Idiots at work. Cancelled trains. Jobsworths. Anything featuring Calum Best. Lack of cash. Parking fines. Being told your call will be answered shortly. People whose voices go up at the end of sentences? Like they're asking a question? Aargh!

    These are just a few of the things that make us want to shimmy up the nearest telephone pole, tear out our hair and scream profanities to all and sundry whilst ladling hot soup over our heads. It's called stress. And it sucks. So thank goodness for Stress Pills.

    Stress Pills

    Now what's it to be sir? Sleaze or sneeze?

    Stress Pills: Man Flu

    Just what I needed!

    These satisfyingly squidgy stress-busters are fashioned to resemble two of the world's most popular pills. Simply scrunch 'em up and your worries will float away. Well that's the idea.

    First up there's the Arouzer. This squishy take on everyone's favourite flop-busting blue pill is ideal for stressed-out execs who've mislaid their mojo. And considering the pill it's based upon works much like Anne Widdicombe in reverse, it's perfect for anyone who spends too much time dreaming about how-your-father when they should be working. Ooh, give us a squeeze!

    Stress Pills

    Cool medical packaging!

    Next up, say 'ooh, me 'ead!' to the Man Flu. Perfect for anxious hypochondriacs who insist on bunking off work to watch Jeremy Kyle with a mug of hot lemon the second they sneeze, this realistic (albeit oversized) pill is said to ease tension and unbearable pain. We're not sure about that but it certainly feels good when you give it a squish.

    Whichever Stress Pill you choose, we guarantee you'll be squishing it on a regular basis. You can even pretend it's a traffic warden's hat, a call centre operator's headset or the taxman's grinning, snivelling...hold on, pass us a Stress Pill. Aargh!!!

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