Street Fighter II - 2 Player Plug'n'Play
  • Street Fighter II - 2 Player Plug'n'Play

Street Fighter II - 2 Player Plug'n'Play

Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!

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    Isn't fighting great? All that punching, kicking and firing force fields from your fists. What, you didn't think we were talking about real fighting, did you? Goodness, no. Apart from being terribly vulgar, it hurts. We're talking about computerised fighting games, where you can bash the bejesus out of your opponents, wear silly costumes and scream like a banshee without being arrested.

    If you've any appreciation of this gaming genre, you'll know that Street Fighter II was the daddy of pixellated punch-ups. Okay, there were some good ones before and after, but this was the one that introduced a whole range of special moves, and gave characters their own unique plotlines, histories and endings. No wonder it was hailed as the greatest fighting game ever.

    When this arcade classic hit the Mega Drive it became even more popular and players would spend days discussing every detail of the game - from Ryu's powerful dragon punch to E.Honda's 100 hand slap and Guile's sonic boom.

    If all that sounds like a load of old fisticuffs it's high time you got hold of the totally knockout Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition Plug 'n' Play System. Featuring two Mega Drive-style joypads with six (count 'em six) buttons, this nifty little box of tricks plugs straight into the telly and allows you to play as all your favourite Street Fighter martial artists plus the boss characters (twelve in total).

    Just like the original version you can play in Arcade or Vs Mode. Playing the computer is fun, but you really can't beat slapping seven bells out of your best friend (we are still talking about the game here).

    Rather incongruously, the Street Fighter II Plug 'n' Play also boasts a special bonus game - Ghouls and Ghosts. But we're not complaining as this sword and sorcery platformer is a highly addictive classic.

    Street Fighter II Plug 'n' Play is ideal for post-pub punch-ups, and even if you can't remember the original we guarantee you'll be hooked within minutes. Now if you'll excuse us we're off to practise our overhead collarbone slice. Ouch!

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