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    Remember those crazy, twisty-turny drinking straws that were all the rage back in the Eighties? Fancy cocktails were naked without them and they were essential accessories at kids' parties - the more loop-de-loo the better. In fact they made the process of sucking a drink from glass to gob incredibly entertaining. And that's precisely why we love Strawz!

    This ingenious DIY kit allows you to construct your own ludicrously convoluted drinking straw set-ups. Forget about puny figure-of-eights and simple loops. With Strawz you can create maze-style, multi-drink straw systems with more bends than the bendiest road in Bendyville.

    Thanks to 20 assorted rubber connectors and 16 transparent straw sections you'll never run out of ideas. We've just created a massive three-way, orange, lemon and loganberry drinking network that requires some serious suction.


    Makes drinking responsibly
    even more fun!

    Of course you could always use Strawz for slurping up drinks with a little more oomph - and considering the fact that the first ever straws were used by the Sumerians for drinking beer, that's really rather apt. Why, Strawz could well become a party classic.

    Part construction system, part utterly infantile drinking doodah, Strawz will keep thirsty engineering-wannabes occupied for hours. The possibilities are endless. It's like being chief designer of a fizzy pop pipework system in Willy Wonka's gaff. Sort of.


    Club Firebox drinks are free

    An ideal gift for the sucker with everything, Strawz is set to become an essential bit of kit at daft drinking sessions and silly soirees around the globe, so hurry up and get ordering. You suck!

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