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Stormtrooper Nutcracker
  • Stormtrooper Nutcracker

Stormtrooper Nutcracker

TK421, why aren’t you cracking nuts?

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    An Imperial centrepiece for your dinner table

    Tough nuts to crack? Then you need to send in a pro – and they don’t come much more professional than an Imperial Stormtrooper. Well okay, they do, because your average Imperial grunt couldn’t hit a Bantha’s backside with a banjo.

    Standing an impressive (most impressive) 11” tall this officially licensed Stormtrooper Nutcracker is ideal for the Star Wars fan with everything. Which hopefully includes another nutcracker. Because this one is about as effective as a Stormtrooper's trigger finger. Hidden behind his chestplate, the tiny wooden mechanism would even struggle to squish a pistachio.

    So why do we like it so much? Because he looks magnificent! Crafted in wood (yes, wood) and painted by hand, he looks good enough to display when not in use. Which will be most of the time. And so what if he's hopeless at his job? That's what Stormtroopers are for! Move along, move along...

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