Stormtrooper Cookie Jar
  • Stormtrooper Cookie Jar
  • Stormtrooper Cookie Jar

Stormtrooper Cookie Jar

Aren't you a little shortbread for a Stormtrooper?

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  • Celebrate the dimwitted goons of the galaxy
  • Detailed ceramic cookie jar modelled on the iconic helmet
  • Completely air-tight so it'll keep your biscuits fresh
  • Officially licensed by Lucasfilm
  • As empty and vacant as the Stormtroopers are in the films


If there's anything we took away from the Star Wars saga, it's that Stormtroopers were surely the most dimwitted bunch of goons in the entire galaxy. "These aren't the droids we're looking for" "Maybe it's another drill" "Close the blast doors! Open the blast doors, open the blast doors!!!". They couldn't shoot a fish in a barrel, never mind hold off a horde of scruffy teddy bears. That time when one of them bangs their head – probably not even a blooper.

But despite their ineptitude you can't help sympathise with them; it's amazing the amount of emotion they can convey with just a simple tilt of the head. So why not celebrate these bumbling figures of authority by stowing your biscuits inside this glorious Stormtrooper Cookie Jar.

Made from detailed ceramic, it's as empty and vacuous as an actual Stormtrooper and features a handy rubber-sealed lid to stop all your cookies from going chewie.

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