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Storm Proof Umbrella by Senz
  • Storm Proof Umbrella by Senz

Storm Proof Umbrella by Senz

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    Senz Umbrella

    This umbrella's going nowhere!

    The weather's nuts these days, so it makes sense to invest in a quality umbrella. Unfortunately, even the finest ones have a habit of blowing inside out when the wind gets up. And in terms of embarrassment factor, wind-related brolly malfunctions are right up there with treading in doggie doo and tripping up the kerb. Step forward the revolutionary Senz Umbrella.

    Senz Umbrella

    Award winning rain repeller

    Already creating a storm amongst umbrella aficionados, this award-winning rain repeller utilises futuristic stealth bomber styling to prevent it from blowing inside out. In fact its ingenious aerodynamics allow it to withstand gale force gusts!

    Senz Umbrella




    The hi-tech Senz's asymmetrical, self-positioning shape means that the wind simply flows over its eye-catching canopy. What's more, its distinctly un-brolly-ish shape gives you better visibility as you walk through the rain.

    Senz Umbrella

    No chance of poking anyone!

    Thanks to its patented construction and quality finishing, the durable Senz will withstand inclement weather year in, year out. It's safer than a regular brolly too, because its canopy is attached to its struts without all those pointy protrusions that might poke an eye out.

    Senz Umbrella

    Push button and pull down
    to open up the umbrella!

    Armed with the pioneering Senz you'll never have to chase after an inside-out umbrella again. Indeed this brilliant brolly is so impressive Rihanna based her summer smash 'Umbrella' on it. All right, she didn't, but she might have had she witnessed it defying the wind, repelling the rain and looking pretty cool to boot.

    This smart umbrella really is a godsenz (see what we've done there?) for anyone who wants to avoid arriving at their destination looking like a drowned rat. And unless you're some kind of drip, that means you. So hurry up and hit Buy. It won't blow you away but you know it makes Senz!

    Senz Umbrella

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