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Storm O.I.C. Missile Launcher
  • Storm O.I.C. Missile Launcher

Storm O.I.C. Missile Launcher

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    USB Powered

    Works with Mac and PC

    Some say that the best defence is a good offence. Well when it comes to settling office disputes they don’t come much more offensive than the Storm O.I.C Missile Launcher. Forget hurling abuse across the room – thanks to this high-tech USB canon you can unleash four barrels of spongy vengeance!

    This remarkable gadget has a built-in webcam on a base that swivels through 360 degrees. Connect it to your Mac or PC and you can survey the whole room without having to glance up from your screen. But best of all – once it’s connected, you can operate this nifty weapon from any computer in the world!


    Attack your colleagues or boss!

    Load the Storm O.I.C. software on your computer and view real time video from the webcam. With the onscreen controls you can rotate the launcher and even adjust the angle of fire – perfect for stalking your target around the room, adjusting your aim between shots, or simply checking out what’s going on behind you. With the simple controls you can launch one, two, three, or all four foam darts in sequence – up to a remarkable 25 feet.

    The software will even sync with your Windows Live Messenger or Skype account. Log into your instant messaging service from any computer and operate the Storm O.I.C. remotely! It’s the ultimate way to keep your colleagues in check while you’re out of the office. Or even more fun, you can hand the controls over to anyone in your contacts list. So forget calling your loved one to remind them to finish work and come home – just turn their Storm O.I.C. on them. That’s it... step away from the desk...

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