Stinky Candles
  • Stinky Candles

Stinky Candles

Not to be sniffed at

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Stings the nostrils, in a bad way
  • Bask in these instantly recognisable and offensive scents
  • Six revolting and unforgettable aromas to choose from
  • No more tiresome vanilla and lavender abominations


The scented candle industry is so saturated with the same old boring smells, it's a miracle that the world has any Lavender, Vanilla or Sandal Wood left. These feeble aromas are supposed to affect you, invigorate you, evoke old memories and emotions. But they don't.

Stinky Candles rectify this imbalance and bring an authentic series of foul fragrances to the fore. All of them instantly familiar and offensive to your senses.

There are six rotten and potent aromas to choose from:

Vomit – A retch-inducing reminder of those savage nights out
Urinal – Ahh. Sweet, sweet ammonia
Petrol – A genuine guilty pleasure for most people, what a smell!
Onion – Quite likely to make you cry
Fast Food – That greasy bag of fish and chips left on the bus
Body Odour – Now you can blame it on a candle

Don't pretend that you're not a little bit intrigued. They're a sensory revelation, and you can even use them to create a strange and smelly romantic ambiance. After all, nothing says "let's slip into something more comfortable" like the rich odour of a freshly cut onion or a stale urinal.

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