Stinger Missile Launcher
  • Stinger Missile Launcher

Stinger Missile Launcher

Call that a bazooka? This is a bazooka!

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    Piddly little weapons are all well and good, but sometimes it's nice to fire off something a little more sizeable; something with a little more oomph; something that looks like it ought to be mounted on top of a tank or, at the very least, a gigantic tripod. After all, think of Sly or Arnie and you immediately think of bulging muscles and hand cannons the size of, well, cannons.

    Stinger Missile Launcher: cranking handle

    With this bigger-is-better philosophy in mind, we instructed our inspectors to seek out a weapon of mass distraction that would consign all before it to the weapons dump. And before we could say "I'll be back," they returned with the mighty Stinger Missile.

    This ginormous, shoulder-mounted super bazooka had jaws on the floor before it had even been unpacked, as it is truly huge and makes similar weapons look like pea-shooters in comparison. Okay, so it does look a bit Ghostbusters meets Buzz Lightyear, but this ultra powerful contraption is no laughing matter when it comes to mind-boggling distance and velocity. And the only power required is a bit of elbow grease!

    Stinger Missile Launcher: spare missiles

    To operate the awesome air-powered Stinger Missile you simply pump the top-mounted lever until the power gauge is full, attach the hefty foam warhead, aim and fire. The colourful missile will then rocket into the distance (up to 60ft) at a quite staggering pace.

    It goes without saying (but we will anyway) that the Stinger Missile is for adults only and should not be fired at people or animals. But that doesn't mean to say you can't have a laugh bazooka-ing the living daylights out of static objects. We suggest setting up a target range composed of stacked waste-paper bins. That way you can still make a total mess without contravening the Geneva Convention.

    Stinger Missile Launcher: missile flying

    The Stinger Missile really is one helluva wonder weapon. And in the never- ending battle of toy weapon one-upmanship it's the new, undisputed, heavyweight champion of the park.

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