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Stewie Bottle Opener
  • Stewie Bottle Opener

Stewie Bottle Opener

I've been a bawdy little monkey!

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    While most babies spend their days eating, sleeping and you-know-what-ing, Stewie, the evil little imp from Family Guy, is busy planning to take over the world. And that's no mean feat for a one-year-old who still soils himself on a daily basis.

    With his camp British accent, genius-level intellect, football-shaped bonce and hilarious one-liners, Stewie has cult hero written all over him. And that's undoubtedly why he's now been given the talking bottle opener treatment. The Stewie from Family Guy Bottle Opener is a nifty electronic gizmo that allows you to enjoy the withering wit of the world's most malevolent baby each and every time you ease the top off your favourite brew. Specially recorded by Stewie himself, the quips include:

    Click to play sound clip! Click to play sound clip! Click to play sound clip!

    Stewie Bottle Opener Stewie really is the most quotable baby in cartoon-dom. Not that there are that many; Maggie Simpson doesn't talk, Popeye's Swee'Pea is totally unfunny and that nappy-wearing mouse off Tom and Jerry is the Scrappy Doo of classic cartoons. Perhaps that's why little Stewie is so popular.

    Stewie Bottle Opener As well as being incredibly amusing, the Stewie from Family Guy Bottle Opener is supremely practical as it doubles up as a fridge magnet. Just think, no more fumbling around in the cutlery drawer when you're gagging for a beer. Simply grab this sturdy device off the fridge door, crack open your bottle and snicker at Stewie's inimitable rantings. So hurry up and get ordering - or else, as Stewie would say: 'One day your uppance shall come!'

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