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Stewart Stand Wallet
  • Stewart Stand Wallet

Stewart Stand Wallet

My wallet’s like a shield of steel

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    Stainless Steel Wallets

    Keep your smart cards safe
    from skimmers

    Keeping credit cards and other readable plastic in old-school wallets is fast becoming as daft as stuffing your life savings under the mattress. Because thanks to handheld RFID scanners, thieves can now pilfer personal details faster than you can say ‘three digit number on the back’. But being sensible doesn’t mean being square. Enter the gorgeously sleek Stainless Steel Wallet.

    Designed by Brooklyn-based designers Stewart/Stand, this ultra-thin contemporary wallet is crafted from woven stainless steel fabric, which as well as being super-strong blocks out RFID scanners. Talk about total card protection.

    Stainless Steel Wallets

    Woven stainless steel fabric

    Despite its armour-like properties and resistance to corrosive materials (salt, seawater, acids, etc) the Stainless Steel Wallet feels as smooth as silk. It looks the business too. This high quality range even includes a bad-guy-blocking passport holder and a soft leather wallet with a stainless steel interior. So come on, crack out your card and get ordering before Mr Tealeaf does it for you!

    Wallet designs available:

    Original version: Stainless Steel Wallets

    Original version

    Diamond texture version: Stainless Steel Wallets

    Diamond texture version

    Leather version: Stainless Steel Wallets

    Leather version

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