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Stem Vase

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    They look even better when there's more than one of them!

    Why do Americans say ‘vace’ instead of ‘vars’? We’ve no idea, but when you’ve trawled through as much glassware as us, the mind begins to wander. So thank heavens we came across the gorgeous Stem Vase because it stopped us in our jaded tracks with its elegant simplicity.

    With a central chamber resembling a suspended droplet of water, this thoroughly modern vessel is ideal for single blooms, and will add a contemporary touch to any scenario. Hand-blown, it makes a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day or any other day calling for a present with a stylish twist. Better still, you needn’t buy a whopping great accompanying bouquet.

    Designed by Yee Ling Wan and Steve Jones (no, no idea but we’re pretty sure the latter isn’t the highly punchable T4 presenter or even the Sex Pistols’ guitarist), the Stem Vase is available in two sizes. Now all you need is a flower.

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