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Stem Gem
  • Stem Gem

Stem Gem

Beheads strawberries in seconds

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    Stem Gem

    All in a days work

    Everyone loves strawberries. But those pesky stems can be a right pain to remove. Indeed it’s enough to put you off watching the Mixed Doubles. So thank goodness the Stem Gem is here to deliver you from strawberry plucking hell.

    This clever little gizmo quickly removes strawberry stems without wasting too much of the fruit. Simply push the button to open the Stem Gem’s stainless steel claw, push into the top of the strawberry then twist and pull to remove the stem. Easy, and it also works on tomatoes – begone you green spidery thingy!
    Stem Gem Stem Gem Stem Gem




    Durable, funky and dishwasher safe, the Stem Gem is a must-have summer accessory for lazy strawberry lovers who hate finding bits of stem in their Pimm’s. Best of all it looks like a cartoon robot’s mini pincer weapon. And if that’s not a deal clincher, we don’t what is. Pass the cream.

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