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Stealth Laptop Sleeve
  • Stealth Laptop Sleeve

Stealth Laptop Sleeve

Slip into something stealthier

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    Sliding a laptop inside the Stealth Laptop Sleeve

    Slide in your laptop

    You’re a hip, 21st century gadgeteer so you really shouldn’t be poncing about town with a corporate-looking laptop bag slung over your shoulder. Especially when you can go undercover with the Stealth Laptop Sleeve.

    No, your eyes do not deceive you – this ingenious sleeve really does look like a tatty old manila envelope. But that’s where the similarity ends because the Stealth is made from super-strong fabric that’s tearproof and waterproof. What’s more it boasts a plush mock-silk interior that’s padded with PE foam to protect your precious ‘puter! A study in urban nonchalance? Absolument!

    Postal artwork

    Cool fake postal artwork!

    To add to its funky credentials, you can scribble a suitably tongue-in-cheek message across the Stealth’s faux paper exterior. For the sake of realism you can even stick on a few stamps. Pretending you are a postman and shoving it in someone’s hedge is entirely optional.

    As well as providing a safe home for your beloved laptop, this unobtrusive sleeve is good for your stealth. No really. After all, posh laptop cases attract attention for all the wrong reasons; thieves tend to zero in on anything luxe and leathery, whereas tatty old envelopes are about as desirable as, erm, tatty old envelopes. Result!

    Seal with adjustable velcro...

    Stealth Laptop Sleeve

    Just don't post it!

    Fully adjustable, the Stealth will accommodate laptops from 8” to 17”, so unless you’ve got some monster of a machine you can wander from A to B safe in the knowledge potential scoundrels aren’t eyeing up your pricey slab of circuitry – unless of course you decide to write something truly ridiculous on the side (‘This envelope contains a top of the range MacBook’), in which case they’ll assume you’re too thick to own a decent laptop in the first place. It really is a case, or should we say sleeve, of complete genius!

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