Stay Puft Mug
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Stay Puft Mug

Strong coffee makes me feel good!

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  • Drink from the gaping cranium of the Marshmallow Man
  • Holds over half a litre of your favourite hot beverages
  • Battle the morning demons with a monstrous quantity of coffee
  • Endowed with charming sailor hat and friendly (terrifying) grin


Whether you're a loyal fan of the original film or you absolutely love the remake (we don't judge, both are distinctly better than Ghostbusters II) – you need to sip your hot drinks from the gaping cranium of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Such a stunning paranormal specimen, lumbering about the place in his charming sailor hat, smiling at us with that friendly yet utterly terrifying face. What better vessel to help fight off the demons every morning?

If half a litre of coffee isn't your 'thing', be sure to fill him up with some luxurious hot chocolate topped with a hearty heap of marshmallows &ndash you can pretend they're his sticky, exposed brains.

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