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Stay Awake Student Bundle
  • Stay Awake Student Bundle

Stay Awake Student Bundle

Whatever gets you through the night, it’s alright

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    Exams are coming up and you’ve been hitting the books, but A+B steadfastly refuses to equal C? Looks like someone’s going to have to pull an all nighter.

    But never fear, because your friendly Firebox counsellors have prepared just the selection of serious studying sustenance to help you burn that midnight oil, with our Stay Awake Student Bundle.

    darren cannabis drink

    Party hard like Darren the Unicorn
    RRP £4.99

    gamer grub gif

    Finish off the end of level boss
    RRP £9.99

    thumbs up

    Wake up with an energy boost
    RRP £14.99

    Some 9-Bit Mega Coffee to keep you sharp, Gamer Grub to keep your energy levels at maximum and Cannabis Energy Drink to help you on the home stretch. Plus, because we know how hard it is to save when you’re studying, we’ve even knocked over a fiver off the price.

    It’s study time.

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