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Soak in the atmosphere

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    Adustable focus to project
    clearly on any ceiling

    Whether you’re lounging in the bath or tucked up in bed, enjoy an amazing view of the night sky with the StarBath. This pint-sized planetarium will project the Milky Way and thousands of stars onto your ceiling.

    Just like its big brother the Star Theatre Planetarium, the StarBath is a great way to bask in the glow of the heavens, learn about the night sky, or simply relax under their twinkly gaze. The waterproof housing will protect it from splashes and showers (although you might want to wipe the lens afterwards) so it’s perfectly at home in your bathroom.

    Detail of star projection

    Projection of the Milky Way

    However, since it’s battery-powered you can take it anywhere you like. With an adjustable focus it will adapt to any ceiling in your home, so you can take up stargazing in the kitchen, or even play Star Trek in the living room. ‘Stellar anomaly, you say? On screen...’

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