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In the words of Chewbacca - "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!" Sadly we've sold out of our last batch of Stormtrooper Ties but never fear, you can still add a dash of Star Wars style to your boring work suit with our Darth Vader ties, but hurry, these are limited too so won't be around forever!
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    We can’t all be bathrobe-wearing Jedi types. Some of us have to work for a living! But just because we have to put on a suit and work in an office doesn’t mean we have to ditch the Star Wars garb. Indeed, the next time you have to strike a commanding pose or bring your troops into line, what better way than with one of these exclusive officially licensed Star Wars Neckties.

    Darth detail packaging stormtrooper detail

    Darth Vader crest design

    Officially licensed and sealed

    Stormtrooper pattern design

    Emblazoned with the crest of Lord Vader himself (if such a thing ever existed); or patterned, Andy Warhol-style, with repeating stormtrooper helmets; these sober and sensible ties are made from high quality polyester. They’re ideal for Star Wars fans to show their allegiance, while going unnoticed by all but the most eagle-eyed around them.

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